Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poor Blog!

Oh Poor Blog, how I have neglected you! Well I'm back and going to get back into the habit of this writing thing!
So what's new with me? I've just listed some gorgeous photography pendants to RockNRollMcMama Designs at rock bottom prices. Evidently the recession has caused me to go crazy and I'm selling these unique one-of-a-kind pieces for $9...

I've also got lots of new soaps and lotions at LOL Soap Co. Today I listed my favorite soap, MONKEY FARTS. It seriously smells better than it sounds. LOL...

This summer I decided to try a couple of local outdoor craft shows. My first was in Cowpens, SC on June 20th. I fared well at this show even though it was my very first show and my set up was not great, I had out practically no signs and it was 100 degrees. Don't ask me what I was thinking with that yellow fishnet because I do not know. I'm glad that I took pictures even though I was not pleased with them because I think it helped me to figure out what I had done wrong.
My second outdoor summer craft fair was July 25 in Chesnee, SC. As you can see I added baskets for my soaps and also some plates.
I borrowed this easel from my twin nieces to make this awesome sign....

My lotions and jewelry...

See much more neat and organized! So with all of these improvements I must have done well at my second craft fair, right?

Wr-wr-wrong!!!! I got bee stung, spider bit, sunburned (to a crisp!) and had a horrible day of sales. I think I might be kind of anti-craft fair for a while. I've actually been quite depressed since the Chesnee show. I know I have great products, but I just can't seem to sell anything lately! I guess it's just the recession but it seems to really be getting me down. I shared my tent with a fellow TeamSC (South Carolina Etsy Street Team) member, Barbra from All About The Buttons and All About The Fiber. I am always amazed at the talent in our South Carolina team when I can see the items in real life. Barbra has got some of the coolest stuff! I totally loved her recycled clocks, arm warmers, such cool stuff! I got myself a soap saver so that I can make the most of every little bit of my soap. (We don't waste soap in my house!) She gave my daughter a little kitty wash mitt that was hand crocheted. Ellery loves it. She walks around with it all of the time when it's dry.

The same weekend of the Chesnee show I set up a table at the Grapevine in Greer, SC for a Christmas in July Sale. I don't know if you can see my matching purple Christmas tree on the top right hand corner of the table. The Grapevine is SUCH a nice store and is owned by such a nice lady. There are about 15 different vendors (I believe) and I think around 11 of them make handmade merchandise. I really love this store. I go crazy for the different jewelry, children's items as well as home decor.
I'm also working on some new projects (like I need any more projects!). I made my daughter this cute little plushie last week and I think it's adorable. I also made some one-of-a-kind outfits for them. They are soft, the faces are embroidered so I don't have to worry about the youngin' choking on anything and the outfits are interchangeable. The baby loves them and carries them around with her everywhere. They are just the right size for cuddlin'.

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