Sunday, September 28, 2008

Little Miss Attitude?

My sweet little baby girl. She's got a temper. I don't know where she could have gotten it from... Surely not from me... Or Some Guy Named Kevin who kicks cups across the yard from spilling his sweet tea...

I've been working on her Halloween costume. I wanted her to be Snow White because I like Disney and since I'm able to choose this year I thought I would take advantage of that. I figure it is only a matter of time before she wants to be a Cheetah Girl or whatever.

So I started off and made her a sparkly yellow tutu with a comfortable satin ribbon. She's o.k. with that, we tried it on and she's all "Ooooooh". So far, so good.

Then I took a white onesie and dyed it royal blue. I embroidered an apple on it, then added a soft white eyelet collar. I then (hand) sewed some blue and red tulle to the arms for that Snow White puffy sleeve look. Keep in mind that no tulle is actually touching the baby (and it's soft tulle anyway) The whole idea was so she could have the comfort of a t-shirt.

A couple of days ago I wanted to try it on her to see how I was liking it. Whoa Nelly, I'm starting to think that some little person doesn't care too much for Snow White. She first tried to get the collar. And then she found the sleeves....

All I see are her four new teeth as she is barring them at me, eyes squinted, "Errrrrrrrrrrrr!!!" She grunts as she grabs the tulle from the sleeves and pulls, and pulls, and I see all of my hard work coming apart in the middle of my living room.

I was thinking, "Okay this is more like Cinderella instead of Snow White. Except the damage is self-inflicted."

So I get the shirt off of her and let her run around nakey for a while... The costume is currently put away in the closet and I am not sure if I dare try it again. Halloween is a scary time, for sure. Hahaha. Mwahahaa.

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Kelly said...

Lol!!! Not funny...but funny! Maybe she will have a change of heart before Halloween! ;)