Thursday, September 11, 2008

Autumn is in the Air

The end of summer always makes me sad. With the exception of mosquitoes, I love summer. I love swimming, the beach, not wearing shoes, tank tops, long days, warm nights...
Today is overcast and feels cool outside. Fall is coming. But I'm trying to look forward to that too. I like the clothing better for myself for fall and winter, usually. And this year will be Ellery's first Halloween which should be fun. I'm making her costume. She's going to be Snow White. I've already got the tutu part made, I just need to work on the top. I think I'm also going to be making more overalls, and also some fall/holiday gear. It would be nice if I could just freeze time, but not myself and then I could have lots of time to create things.

In the spirit of fall check out my newest item. It was made for the TeamSC Fall Challenge.

You can find them in my store. I do special requests as well. So here's to fall. And hopefully the end of mosquitoes (for the year).

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