Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oops, I did it again, and I hurt my neck.

I think it is apparent after today that I do not mix well with slides. Regular slides, slip and slides, whatever. Slides are bad for me.

I went to two birthday parties today. The first one was very nice. My good friend Christina's baby is two and we had a great time at the park. I acted my age and conversed with my peers. Good McMama.

The second was a duel birthday party for my 7 and 8 year-old-nieces. It was at this inflatable playground place. We had to sign this insurance form and watch this video. One of the things it said is if you are over 6 you must use a mat to use the big slide, this includes adults.

Wait, did you say adults? We can play too? Oh no, I couldn't. I didn't even bring socks. "I brought some extra socks" chimes in my sister-in-law.

Well, all of the other parents would laugh at me.

Then my 12-year-old nephew gets there. I ask him if he is going to slide. "Nah..." he says, sounding disappointed. I really can't let down the nephew. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Infamous last words, "I'll do it if you'll do it".
So here I go, mat in hand. Up, Up, Up to the top. I get to the top of the slide and realize, "Dude, this thing is STEEP!" Oh well, only one way down. I let out a little squeal and hey this thing is pretty fun! That is until I landed.
Crash! Bam! Splat!
Oh holy crap, what have I done?!?! Neck... hurting.... feeling.... faint.... much pain..... muscles cramping.....

And all of this time I'm thinking Don't' you dare pass out, if you pass out it is going to be embarrassing and you signed a waiver!!!!

So I get some guy named Kevin to massage the cramp out of my neck, and oh goody crisis adverted, again!

And since I already had my socks on I might as well do the obstacle course, the jumping room and the air basketball, right?

I am an idiot. Pass me the icy hot.

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