Monday, July 28, 2008

My Brain = Mush

I have never been more forgetful in my life as I am right now. A couple of weeks ago my brain was like this creative river- flowing with all kinds of ideas. So many ideas, in fact, that I didn't have enough time to get the things that I wanted to get created. But if I ever take a break, everything shuts down. I drank BBQ sauce out of a bottle the other night at dinner. I was going for my sweet tea. I was looking at RocknRollMcBaby, who was being very loud and trying to eat the table (again), I picked up the BBQ sauce and put the bottle in my mouth. If I get some weird disease now, we'll all know where it came from.

I will remember that I've forgotten something, and say to myself "hey you better remember to do that" and a couple of days later, I'll remember it and the cycle starts over. I just remembered an email that I need to send. I wonder how long it will be before I forget again?

Maybe it's because my Some Guy Named Kevin is working 12 hour nights on 3rd shift again and RocknRollMcBaby thinks that sleeping is for squares, but I would really like to be bright and sharp again.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh forget it, Let's just look at how cute the little bugger is...

I did the monogramming on that shirt, ;)


Kelly said...

Ash....that pic is just TOO CUTE!!! Love the outfit - you are so talented!!!!

Holly said...

LOL... I can laugh because I'm the same way. I almost drank ketchup two days ago! LOL We were having a bbq at a friends, and it was right next to my drink. Heehee! Glad I'm not alone, but am ready for my brain to return to it's normal state!

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE, the embroidery on that shirt. I may have to check out your store and get me (well, Amanda Joy) one :) !

brightonEarly said...

She is adorable--I'd forget everything too!

Janet Campbell said...

So Cute! Just found your blog. I'm from SC too but live in Calif now. All of my family lives at the beach. I really miss it this time of year!